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We also have geniuses in Spain, Mauri Sanchis, a musician who masters the art of making the difficult simple, is one of them. Self-taught artist, practically exclusive, co-founded the band Progressions in 1994. He feels very comfortable within the Blues, handles r&B like no other, flirts with Soul, expresses himself freely though funk and treats Jazz with great respect. Like that is how I see this young guy from small Spanish village called Alcoy who, after touring California with Gary Hamilton or Jay Wood & the Blues Commandoes, and having joined the band of Graham Foster once back in Spain, made his debut with magnificent Less is More in 2003 and received the acknowledgment and claim from the media. Thanks to his mastery at the Hammond, to his dexterity and knowledge of the instrument, this juggler of the keys was signed endorser by Hammond, the first one from Spain, an honour reserved to very few. His music, studied, clean and direct cannot be ignored. In fact, some of the greatest of the fusion like Pedro Ruy Blas, Javier Vargas, Dean Brown o Bill Evans did not doubt to collaborate with him whenever they had the chance. Dr. Lonnie Smith, a legend of the organ and a reference within the Hammond world said "Mauri has great promise to join the masters of the B3. His music flows with soul and beauty". He is not wrong, Smooth Jazz comes through his hands and compositions to a new dimension. His albums come true after years plenty of hard work, great illusion, ups and downs, an almost sick persistence and, among all, full of the love and passion that Mauri Sanchis feels for music. His soul is white, his heart black, like his catchy and elaborate melodies. Time will place Mauri in the deserved place, I am totally sure. Edu Salas. Music Journalist
Mauri Sanchis
Good Vibes!!!
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